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L1 and L2 series low voltage power capacitors - Nokian Capacitors

Capacitor elements made of metallized polypropylene film are self-healing and dry without impregnation liquid. Each capacitor element is individually protected with patented internal protection..

L1 and L2 design have:

- smaller dimensions
- lower losses
- easy cable termination
- internal discharge resistors
- cable termination for one or two outputs (L2)

Nokian Capacitors low voltage power capacitors are manufactured by using latest technology. Capacitor elements are made of metallized polypropylene film. Elements are self-healing and dry without impregnation liquid. Each element is individually protected and can be selectively circuit detached at the end of its life.

Heat treatment of the winding elements provides excellent electric parameters. Each wind is put into plastic casing and closed within thermosetting resin which provides perfect seal of the element. These elements are placed inside sheet casing and connected in such way so as they can be one or three phase supplied.

Nokian Capacitors ceased to connect capacitor elements with cables led to common cable clamps. Contacts of capacitor elements are connected with copper rails put into two rows…
Sheet casing is filled with inorganic, neutral, fireproof, nontoxic granulated substance - vermiculite which absorbs energy arising and extinguishes flame in case of element’s damage. Capacitors are also equipped with metal thermic separators effectively compensating heat dissipation. Nokian capacitors have low losses and are constructed to be light in weight. The low voltage power capacitors comply with most national and international standards.



Type L1-series
Dry type design
Patented internally
protected elements
Steel enclosure
Degree of protection: IP42 or IP00
Insulation level: 4kV rms/12 kV crest
Losses ≤0.4 W/kvar
Continuous overvoltage: 1.1 x UN
Continuous overcurrent: 1.3 x IN
Temperature category: -40/C
min. -40°C,max +50°C
Highest mean over
any period of:
- 24 hours +40°C
- 1 year +30°C
Other conditions,
contact manufacturer.
Standards IEC 60831-1 (1996/2002)
IEC 60831-2 (1995)


Standard Types for Indoor Mounting

L1 casing Dimensions (height) Weight Power rating at 400 V 50 Hz
Type A mm B mm kg kvar
ML1D 228 143 3,7 5
ML1D 228 143 3,7 10
FL1D 326 241 5,5 15
FL1D 326 241 5,5 20
FL1D 326 241 5,5 25
SL1D 423 338 7,3 30
SL1D 423 338 7,3 35
AL1D 521 436 9,1 40
AL1D 521 436 9,1 50

Capacitors are supplied with internal discharge resistors (3min. 75 V) and terminal boxes (IP42) or without terminal box (IP00).

Standard series for 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequencies are available for the following voltages:220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 415, 440, 480, 525, 600, 660 and 690 V.
Other voltages up to 1000V on request.