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Switchgear Type 8DJ10

Switchgear Type 8DJ10 Insulating gas SF6

8DJ10 switchgear is a factory-assembled, type-tested, metal enclosed switchgear for indoor installation

Technical data:

  • Rated voltages up to 24 kV
  • Rated short-time withstand current up to 25 kA
  • Rated normal current of feeders
    • up to 630A, for cable field
    • up to 200A, for transformer field
  • Rated normal current of busbar up to 630A

Typical uses

8DJ10 switchgear is used for power distribution in substations–even under severe environmental conditions, such as:

  • Industrial environments
  • Damp, sandy or dusty areas
  • Simple outdoor substations

Basic design

  • Transformer cable connection in upper area
  • With logical mechanical inter-locks
  • With ready-for-service indicator
  • With capacitive voltage detecting system at the ring-main feeders

Main uses

  • Compact substations
  • Compact transformer substations, e.g. for wind power stations
  • Garage and vault substations
  • Under ground and under floor substations. Side walk substations, e.g. containing switchgear with a very small overall width – in particular the basic versions of schemes 10 and 71 –in conurbations
  • Substations with control aisle

Security of operation

  • Hermetically sealed primary enclosure, in dependent of environmental effects such as pollution, humidity and small animals, sealed for life:

–    Welded switchgear vessel
–    Welded-in bushings and operating mechanism

  • HV HRC fuses and cable sealing end sare only accessible when outgoing feeders are earthed
  • Operating mechanism parts maintenance-free - VDE 0670, IEC 60 694
  • Operation only possible when enclosure is closed



  • Switchgear design with up to 6 feeders
  • The switchgear is available in two overall heights 1360mm / 1650mm
  • Three-pole primary enclosure, metal-enclosed,
  • Insulating gas SF6
  • Welded switchgear vessel with-outseals, made of stainless steel, with welded-in bushings for electrical connections and mechanical components
  • Maintenance-free
  • Climate-independent
  • Three-position switch-disconnector with load-break and make-proof earthing function
  • Easy installation