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SIMOSEC (Siemens)

MOSEC switchgear is a factory-assembled, typetested, three-phase, metalenclosed, indoor switchgear according to IEC 60 298 and VDE 0670 part 6 for single busbars systems.

Technical data:

  • Rated voltages up to 24 kV
  • Rated short-time withstand current up to 25 kA
  • Rated normal current of feeders
    • Up to 630 A, e.g. for ring-main, metering and circuit-breaker panels
    • Up to 1250 A, for circuit-breaker and bus sectionalizer panels
  • Rated normal current of busbar up to 1250 A

Typical uses

SIMOSEC switchgear is used for power distribution in distribution systems with feeder currents up to 630A.
Modular space-saving design allows use in

  • Substations, customer transfer substations, distribution substations and switching substations of power supply and public utilities
  • Public buildings, such as high-rise buildings, railway stations, hospitals
  • Industrial plants

Typical examples

  • Wind power stations
  • High-rise buildings
  • Airports
  • Underground railway stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Port facilities
  • Traction power supply systems
  • Automobile industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Unit-type heating power stations
  • Textile, paper and food industry
  • Emergency power supply installation

Modular design

  • Individual panels, for free combination and extension
  • Option: Low-voltage compartments can be supplied in two overall heights

Technical features

  • Gas-insulated, maintenancefree switching functions for the three-position switch
  • Three-pole primary enclosure
  • Phases arranged one behind the other
  • No cross-insulation between phases
  • Air-insulated busbar and cable connection system
  • Three-position switch, metalenclosed, with air-insulated primary terminals and gasinsulated switching functions
  • Vacuum circuit-breaker 3AH5, metal-enclosed, up to 630 A, fixed-mounted in gas-insulated switchgear vessel
  • Vacuum circuit-breaker 3AH6, air-insulated, up to 630 A, easy to remove after loosening the fixing bolts.
  • Hermetically-sealed by welding, stainless-steel switchgear vessel,

-    For switching devices
-    With welded-in bushings (for electrical connections and mechanical components)

  • Pressure relief

-    To the rear and upwards
-    Separately for each compartment

  • Air-insulated cable connection system for conventional cable sealing ends
  • Three-phase current transformer, factory-assembled on the feeder bushings
  • Integrated low-voltage niche (standard) for installation of, e.g.

-    Terminals, MCBs, pushbuttons
-    Protection devices
-    Option: Top-mounted low voltage compartment
-    Option: Panel heating for severe ambient conditions, e.g. condensation

Bus bar compartment
Low voltage compartment
Three-position switch in metal enclosed
Drive compartment
Cable compartment

SIMOSEC switchgear
Cable compartment typr RK

Personal safety
  • All switching operations can be performed with closed panel front • Metal-enclosed LSC 2 A or LSC 2 B panels
  • HV HRC fuses and cable sealing ends are only accessible when the outgoing feeders are earthed
  • Logical mechanical interlocking
  • Capacitive voltage detection system for verification of safe isolation from supply
  • Earthing of outgoing feeders by means of make-proof earthing switches


Busbar compartment

  • Busbar
  • Insulating cap (e.g. for Ur > 17.5 kV) on busbar
  • Bushing-type insulator for busbar

Security of operation

  • Components, e.g. operating mechanisms, three-position switches, vacuum circuitbreakers proven for years
  • Panels (metal compartmentalization (metal-clad) between busbar and switching device and between switching device and cable connection compartment)
  • panels with metal compartmentalization between switching device and Cable compartment
  • Three-position switch metal enclosed with gas-insulated switching functions

-    Welded sealed-for-life switchgear vessel
-    No cross-insulation between phases
-    With welded-in bushings for cable connection, busbar and operating mechanism

  • Switch operating mechanisms outside switchgear vessel
  • Maintenance-free operating mechanism parts VDE0670 part I1000/IEC60694
  • Mechanical switch position indications integrated in mimic diagram

Switchgear interlocking system with logical mechanical interlocks