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Switchgear Taurus-Technic

Taurus-Technic is the producer of low voltage switchgears designed for distribution of energy, control and protection of electrical equipment against the effects of short circuit and overload.

With today’s higher consumer demands we build our switchgears on the basis of the apparatus of any producer. For switchgears we use our cases type TC which perfectly suit the whole diversity of solutions such as main switchgears, section switchgears, control switchgears and capacitor banks.

TC cubicle is a modern construction which enables the use of the wide range of supply and outflow apparatus. The cubicles are rigid thanks to the structure of perforated sections screwed with corners. Hence, any configuration of the inside of switchgear is possible using variety of crossbars, beams, brackets, mounting plates.

The outside sheet metal of switchgear is powder painted depending on customers’ needs, standard colour RAL 7032.
Dimensions of each case are always adjusted to the requirements of apparatus assembled, with easy and comfortable cable input (both from the bottom and top of the case).



Below are just some of the features that can be taken advantage of through the implementation of Taurus-Technic switchgears:

  • space requirements reduced to minimum due to our design and compact construction
  • possible use of any equipment inside the switchgear such as main switch (fixed or withdrawable), modular, control and measurement apparatus of any producer
  • easy maintenance and operating
  • easy to modify, rebuild or develop
  • highly reliable and of esthetic design
  • anticorrosion protection of high quality
  • extra internal covers for better operating safety


Highest possible quality of our products is a result of strict norms and standards and consistent quality policy executed by our experienced and high-grade professionals.