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Higher harmonics filters

Higher harmonics filters:

•    Low voltage active filter MaxSine
•    Medium voltage filters

The increasing number of electrical equipment with non-linear voltage-current characteristics results in the problem of  harmonics generated to the network. Harmonic currents produced by such equipment cause harmonic voltages and as a result distortion in the voltage. Main problems are caused by 3,5,7,11 and 13th harmonics.

A variety of solutions exists to eliminate the problem of harmonics. To find the most efficient method to  provide your network with fast harmonics reduction we offer you not just a product, we offer solution.
Combining our knowledge of modern digital technology and our best quality products we are able to find the best solution due to your specific requirements within a time of a few days. We have many years of experience in the field of higher harmonics filters installation and reactive power compensation. Each filter is designed individually, taking into consideration the special characteristics of client’s network. The client’s network analysis and all the measurements are done by our professional engineers.