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Automatically controlled medium voltage capacitor banks type BKWTR

Capacitor banks type BKWTR are intended for central and group reactive power compensation in industrial networks at rated voltage 6 to 11kV and 12 to 20kV and frequency 50Hz.
They are used in networks with varying loads where capacitor power need to be automatically adjusted when switched on to the requirements of the power supply system.


Capacitor banks  are constructed on the basis of cases type RS certified by Energopomiar Gliwice, which received the certificate no. 28/EM3/95 conforming to the strict safety standards.
Capacitors with power 25 to 400kvar are connected into double star system. Capacitor banks are protected by current transformer and unbalance protection current relay NUR-32 Nokian Capacitors.
Automatically controlled capacitor banks are individually designed to meet client’s needs.
Depending on requirements they are supplied with protection NCC – 18 or NCC – 30 by Nokian Capacitors, or with SEPAM 2000 C 04 by Merlin Gerin.
Capacitor banks consist of 1 to 5 typical cubicles, 750mm wide each.
The first one is the feeding compartment supplied with - depending on customer’s needs - circuit breaker, disconnector or feeding  bus bars, cubicles 2 to 5 are supplied with fuse basis and fuses ZWAR, contactors ROLAC 400, inrush current limiting reactors and dedicated for capacitor steps with capacitors units manufactured by Nokian Capacitors.

Typical rated powers of capacitor banks (dimensions: W – 750mm, D – 1400mm, H – 2250mm )

Item Rated power
Type and power of capacitor unit
1 150 6 x UILP 25 kvar B
2 300 6 x PILP 50 kvar C
3 450 6 x PILP 75 kvar D
4 600 6 x PILP 100 kvar E
5 900 6 x PILP 150 kvar F
6 1200 6 x PILP 200 kvar G
7 1500 6 x PILP 250 kvar H
8 1800 6 x PILP 300 kvar I
9 2100 6 x PILP 350 kvar J
10 2400 6 x PILP 400 kvar K
11 feeding compartment A