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Medium voltage capacitor banks with inrush current limiting reactors type BKWTD

Capacitor banks type BKWTD are intended for central and group reactive power compensation in industrial networks at 6 to 11kV and at 12kV to 20kV, 50Hz. They are mainly used in networks with constant demand for capacitive reactive power. These can be also used as capacitor steps controlled by one shared reactive power controller in several switchboards. Thus capacitor banks are switched on by means of circuit breakers installed inside mv switchboards.


Capacitor banks BKWTD are constructed on the basis of cases type RS certified by Energopomiar Gliwice, which received the certificate no.28/EM3/95 conforming to the strict safety standards.
Capacitors with power 50 to 400kvar are connected into double star system. Capacitor banks are protected by current transformer and unbalance protection current relay NUR-32 Nokian Capacitors.
Capacitor banks BKWDT are built of typical cases 1050mm wide. Each case is supplied with a system of bus bars on its side for power supply and indicator that indicates the bank is switched on in the network.

Typical rated powers of capacitor banks (dimensions: W – 1050mm, D – 1400mm, H – 2250mm )

Item Rated power
Type and power of capacitor unit
1 300 6 x UILP 50 kvar
2 450 6 x PILP 75 kvar
3 600 6 x PILP 100 kvar
4 900 6 x PILP 150 kvar
5 1200 6 x PILP 200 kvar
6 1500 6 x PILP 250 kvar
7 1800 6 x PILP 300 kvar
8 2100 6 x PILP 350 kvar
9 2400 6 x PILP 400 kvar
10 2700 9 x PILP 300 kvar
11 3150 9 x PILP 350 kvar
12 3600 9 x PILP 400 kvar

Other options on request.